Welcome to DarkLight @ ARIEL

DarkLight@ARIEL is an experiment searching for evidence of new forces beyond the Standard Model by looking for resonances in e+ e- electroproduction at low beam energies (30-50 MeV). The experiment is motivated by anomalies reported by the muon (g-2) experiment at Fermilab and the ATOMKI experiment in Hungary. While these discrepancies may be the result of as-yet-unidentified nuclear reactions or experimental effects; they could also signal the production of a new boson with a mass around 17 MeV.

The experiment has been designed and is being built to run on the Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory, ARIEL, electron linac at the TRIUMF laboratory in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The electron beam from ARIEL will be directed on a thin (1µm) tantalum target and a pair of magnetic spectrometers at 20º and 36º, each equiped with a pair of triple GEM detectors and scintillating strip trigger detectors, will be used to detect the positron and electron pairs produced in coincidence. The invariant mass of the positron/electron pair will then be calculated to look for evidence of the new boson.

The DarkLight@ARIEL experiment is being undertaken by a collaboration of research institutes in Canada, the United States, and Germany.

The attached pages give more details and information.